Economic Programs Post-Depression: The New Deal

Topics: Great Depression, Franklin D. Roosevelt, United States Pages: 2 (660 words) Published: March 18, 2011

The Great Depression was a number of years in the 30s when the country’s economy totally crashed and there weren’t any jobs causing a very severe poverty in the country. President Franklin D. Roosevelt was elected during this harsh time for the country and he went into office with a plan called the New Deal. It was a series of economic programs to help pull the country out of the depression. It provided support for the time being and it also made sure that the country doesn’t go in to another depression as bad as the one in the 1930s. Even though this plan did a great amount to help the country it didn’t fully cure the depression. The pros to this idea were it created a vast amount of jobs through out the country, it helped put trust back in America and it also fixed the banking system and the stock market. Unfortunately this plan also had some cons and these were: it undermined capitalism, it led the country into deficit spending, and it didn’t help the minorities as equal. One of the positives of the New Deal was that it cut the unemployment rate by nearly 10%. This was very crucial and it was an outcome that could not be overlooked. Another way the New Deal succeeded was by putting trust back in to America that was lost after the stock market crashed and the banks failed. This meant that the citizens of this country could trust the system again and invest their money in it. This helped the economy start going again. What was more significant though was that President FDR, through the New Deal, fixed the banking system and the stock market and also set it up in a way that a depression as terrible would never happen in the U.S. But even with all these pluses the New Deal didn’t fully cure the depression. The New Deal program also had some flaws that caused to end up short of what it was planned to do. This program undermined capitalism, an economic system U.S. has been following since the dawn. Because Roosevelt had set up...
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