Economic Interview Questions

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Business Profile:
•Major activities
•How is the business structured
•Types of products / services it provides
•Brief profile of the owner
•Previous experiences / qualifications
•Reasons for starting this business
•Personality traits / skills / competencies (Appendix 1)
•How does the owner believe he can successfully run the business •What goals has he set for the business / time frame
•Outlining the short term goals for the business.
•Outlining the long term goals for the business.

Location Analysis:
•Where is the business located at
•Site structure / analysis of the location (Appendix 2)
•The factors affecting the location. Is it suitable?
•Why has the owner selected this site? His opinions on it. •Is it a good decision?
•Is there any real strength for the location chosen?
•Compare to my analysis
•Is there any room for expansion?

SWOT Analysis:
•Strengths / weaknesses
•Opportunities / threats of business
•SWOT analysis (Appendix 3)
•Where do the greatest opportunities lie?


What are the business advantages?
What does it do well?
What do customers see as the strengths?
What potentials do these strengths have for the business? How do these strengths benefit the business?

Where could you improve?
Where does the business do badly?
What should the business avoid?
How can you garner a larger amount of customers instead of the same customers? When or how could you turn weaknesses to strengths? Are you planning to improve on the business' weaknesses?

Where are the good opportunities facing the business? What are some interest trends the owner is aware of? Any changes in technology and markets on both a broad and narrow scale Changes in government policies related to your field? Do you...
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