Economic Hardships in America

Topics: Unemployment, Great Depression, World War II Pages: 2 (590 words) Published: May 12, 2013
Economic Hardships in America
In the middle of a recession, modern America is having a very hard time not only purchasing the “wants” in life, but also the necessities of life. Unemployment rates are staying at a quite low rate. At the end of the 20’s and the beginning of the 30’s unemployment affected upwards of 25% of the workforce in America. In both time frames citizens of the U.S. were very unhappy because their livelihood was stripped from them.

From 1929 to 1933 American life was not what these extremely poor immigrants had in mind as the “American Dream”. As Americans were losing their jobs they were losing their homes and savings forcing them to scavenge and beg for food. The rural side of America was having an even harder time coming up with money because all of their crops went to waste because of The Great Plain’s Drought. This was the first time in American history; farmers were losing their farms at rates that were unheard of. Between 1930 and 1934 almost one million farmers lost their property. Hoovervilles were places where homeless citizens could come together and work together to provide food and shelter for their families. The lack of jobs caused migration to multiple locations. They were given the name Okies. Life for African Americans in the south was much worse. Many sharecroppers were evicted by their landowners from all over the south.

In 2012 nearly 30% of families with incomes below twice the poverty line faced at least one harsh hardship such as missing meals, being evicted from their house, having their utilities disconnected, or not having access to needed medical care. 2012 may not have as many people living on the street but has its similarities with the Great Depression. Families were worried about food, they missed rent or mortgage payments, they relied on the emergency room as the main source of medical care, or had inadequate child care in-line. All families at all income levels are struggling to meet their health care...
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