Economic Growth Brings Greater Happiness

Topics: Happiness, Happiness economics, Economics Pages: 3 (842 words) Published: November 7, 2010
Economic growth brings greater happiness- how far do you agree with this statement?

What is happiness? It is just one word, but every person has his own view on this question. Happiness is a basic of nature. Somebody think that it is God’s gift or result of luck, but some people claim that happiness is in your hands, you do it by yourself, you have to achieve your aims to be happy. Some people confuse happiness to pleasure, pleasure is a drink of water in the hot day, a comfortable bed after difficult day, but the happiness is absolutely another. The traveler is happy when he reached a peak of mountain, but he is not pleased, because he knows that in future he has to go down. The pleasure is a result, the happiness is a way. Although, many scientists tried to find the answer on this question but they have many disagreements. But why many people think that economic growth can bring greater happiness for humans?

A few years ago some politicians believed that economic growth brings greater happiness for people. But now it is much statistical and laboratory evidence in favour of the opposite. The surveys show that people have not become happier over time. In the US happiness decrease over time, even the level of our life is much higher than it was a hundred years ago. Secondly, in the UK depression has increased and the level of stress has gone up. Edward Diener’s Research (2003) on how happiness relates to material wealth shows that people are happier if they live in wealthy rather than poor nations. However, to improve your happiness you have to earn money to pay for your needs. For example, by happiness Richard Layard means feeling good, enjoying your life. However, whatever people are doing, some of them are much happier than others. It is because of all people define happiness in different ways. For one person It might consists in family, work or achievements in something, for another in money, friends or holidays. Also, some people think that habituation...
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