Economic Geography Project

Topics: Taiwan, Republic of China, Legislative Yuan Pages: 4 (1204 words) Published: May 13, 2013

Measurement of development1
Per Capita GDP1
Energy use1
Levels of Economic Activity1
Human Development Index2
Infant Mortality RATES2
Life expectancy2
Literacy rates2
Caloric intake/ proteins2
Focus Questions3
“Diversity” culture4
Elements of physical environment4
Flora& fauna4
Historical Background4
Cultural significant4
Political organizations5
Economic systems5
Works Cited6

The island of Taiwan is in Eastern Asia. Taiwan has the latitude and longitude attributes of 23.6978° N, 120.9605° E。Taiwan occupies a total area of 35,980 square kilometers. Its capital city, Taipei, is in the northeast, and is the most densely populated area in the territory. The population in Taiwan was estimated in July 2012 at 23,268,087, spread across a total land area of 35,980 km², making it the sixteenth most densely populated country in the world with a population density of 641 people per km². Measurement of development

GDP:$901.9 billion in 2012
Per capital GDP: $38,500 in 2012.
Energy use: Taiwan has significant coal deposits and some insignificant petroleum and natural gas deposits. As of 2010, oil accounts for 49.0% of the total energy consumption. Coal comes next with 32.1%, followed by nuclear energy with 8.3%, natural gas (indigenous and liquefied) with 10.2%, and energy from renewable sources with 0.5%. Levels of Economic Activity

Agriculture: About 24% of the land is under cultivation. Although still important as both an export earner and a domestic food source, agriculture has fallen far from the preeminent position it long held in the Taiwan economy. Rice, the principal food crop, is grown along the western plain...
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