Economic Environment in India

Topics: Economics, Agriculture, Economy Pages: 41 (9574 words) Published: January 30, 2012

Section – A
I. Economic Environment : Meaning, Factors affecting Economic Environment, Basic Features of Indian Economy, India in World Economy. Economic Policies : Agriculture Policy, Industrial Policy, Commercial Policy & Fiscal Policy. Economic Planning : Meaning, Importance, Objectives & Techniques of Planning.


Section – B
I. Significance of Agriculture in Indian Economy and New Agriculture Strategy. Agriculture Finance (specially Kisan Credit Card), Nature of Risk and Uncertainty in Agriculture, Measures to Control Risk and Uncertainty, Agriculture & W.T.O. Industrial growth in India and Prospects. Role of Small Scale Industries and Problems faced by them. Globalisation V/s Small Sector. Role of Public Sector in India and its Problems, Concept of Privatisation & Disinvestment. Impact of Liberalisation on Agricultural, Development, Globalisation & Swadeshi. Industrial and Trade


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Section – C
I. II. III. Foreign Trade – Volume, Composition and Direction, Export Promotion. Main Features of 2001 Census and Population Policy in India. Indian Economic Problems : Poverty, Disparities and Population Explosion. Unemployment, Economic

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S.No. Name of Topic Examination Paper 2008 Page No. 9-10 11 – 15

Section - A
1. Economic Environment in India 1.1 Meaning 1.2 Factors Affecting Economic Environment 1.3 Basic Features of Economic Environment Basic Features of Indian Economy 2.1 Indian Economy in World Economy Economic Policies 3.1 Agriculture Policy 3.2 Industrial Policy (we have mentioned it in Section-B) 3.3 Commercial Policy 3.4 Fiscal Policy Economic Planning 4.1 Meaning 4.2 Importance 4.3 Objectives 4.4 Techniques of Planning 4.5 Salient Features of India’s Five Year Plan 4.6 Ninth Plan 4.7 Tenth Plan







Section - B
5. Agriculture 5.1 Significance of Agriculture in Indian Economy 5.2 New Agriculture Strategy 5.3 Agriculture Finance (Kisan Credit Card Scheme) (NABARD) 5.4 Nature of Risk and Uncertainty in Agricultures 5.5 Measures to Control Risk and Uncertainty 5.6 WTO and Agriculture Industry 6.1 Industrial Growth in India and Prospects Fore more detail:- 51-65



6.2 6.3 7.

Role of Small Scale Industries and Problems faced by them Globalization V/s Small Scale Industry 75-84

Public Sector Vs Private Sector 7.1 Role of Public Sector in India 7.2 Its Problems 7.3 Concept of Privatisation 7.4 Impact of Liberalisation on Agriculture Industry & Trade Development 7.5 Globalisation Vs Swadeshi

Section - C
8. Foreign Trade 8.1 Volume 8.2 Composition 8.3 Direction 8.4 Export Promotion Indian Economic Problems 9.1 Poverty 9.2 Unemployment 9.3 Population Explosion Main Features of 2001 Census 10.1 Population Policy in India 10.2 Demographic Transition 85-92





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B.Com. (Part-II) Examination, 2008
Economic Administration and Financial Management
First Paper

(Economic Environment in India)
Time : 3 Hours MM. : 100

Objective Part-I
Time : 1 Hour 1. MM. : 40 Attempt all the questions. Each question carries2 marks. Answer should not exceed 20 words. (i) (ii) (iii) (iv) (v) (vi) (vii) (ix) (x) 2. What is meant by Economic Policy? Define free trade policy. Which sector accorded top priority in the eleventh Plan? What is 'Dry Farming'? Name four institutions providing Agriculture finance. Explain 'TRIPIS'. What is economic liberalisation? What is 'relative poverty'? Explain 'fiscal deficit'.

(viii) Explain Replenishment licensing system.

Attempt all the questions. Each question carries4 marks. Answer should not exceed 50 words. (i) (ii) (iii) (iv) (v) Explain four factors affecting economic environment. Planned Economy is 'an economy with open eyes'. How? Write four advantages of...
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