Economic Effects of Terrorism on Pakistan

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  • Published: June 4, 2013
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War on Terror and its economic effects on Pakistan

Ever since the catastrophic attacks on the Twin Towers in the United States of America on 11th September, 2001, the lives of millions have changed. The entire world has been in a state of chaos. United States of America initiated the War on Terror, involving several other countries. This has spread like plague all over the globe. This epidemic is the root cause of all the prevalent problems at this point in time i.e. political crisis, economic turmoil, social issues, health crisis, etc. Pakistan has been in the centre of all these issues and has suffered the most due to this insurgency. Not only has this resulted in loss of lives, but has negatively impacted the already crippled economy of Pakistan. This war on terror has greatly changed and shaped the relations between USA and Pakistan for the better or for worse.

Terrorism is viewed by some as a form of war, without the rules of conventional conflict. Terrorism, which has existed for decades, is a means of making a government or group aware of the desire that they have to change something by creating intimidation, devastation and fear. Many countries in today’s world are targets of terrorist attacks and have the put the lives of many at stake. There has been a growing concern and fear among the nations all around the globe. The renowned psychologists and sociologists all over the world carried out researches to look into the reasons and causes of terrorism and why it has increased over the past few years. They concluded that: Firstly, the people who hold different views and perspectives about the social and religious aspects and think that the common belief held by the people is wrong, they strive to correct the common views through acts of violence. Secondly, these people believe that violence and tyranny is the only way to justify the ends. Moreover, poverty can...
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