Economic Effects of Silver Circulation from Mid-16th Century to Early 18th Century

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  • Published : March 17, 2013
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Kayla Miron
Pd. 6

Even though the economic effects of the silver flow from mid-16th century to early 18th century percieved similarly with greatness throughout the seperate countries, the social effects were not as great and in the documents and contain very biased points of views in each one. In documents 4 and 5 show that silver was the preferred way of paying even though the sources were from different points-of-views (British and Mings). However, documents 2 & 7 show how the Chinese and the Spanish have different views when it comes to their hometown effects.

The documents that go into economy being impartial like document 4 which takes on someone as an outsider viewing Britain who is also analyzing the Portugese's use of silver for buying Chinese goods. Looking at document 5, the Ming writer was being blatant with their statement that in older times, that a simple barter for dyed cloth would suffice but since economy came to desiring silver, coomon shops started to complicate things with solid payments of silver. As for the Spanish vantage, the priest stated stright facts saying that according to official records, there was an incredible amount of silver circulating. Even on the map it was seen the silver circulated greatly. A document that had an increase on the economical effects versus the amount of goods from China would help because it would have a professional view.

In contrast to the non-opinionated economic effects, the social effects of the silver circulation differs opinions of each nation involved. With a look through the Ming Dynasty's eyes, their belief was that greed of silver was a corruption in their lives. All the documents that are considered "Social Chinese", were all from Ming officials. In document one, the author, a Ming official, is saying that if the lust of wanting more silver will make a person become entrenched in wanting more silver. In his arguement, he trys to limit the amount of silver for the common man because the...
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