Economic Development Through Social Tourism: a Case for Nottingham

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  • Published : November 17, 2012
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Research proposal

Economic Development through Social Tourism: A case for Nottingham

Research proposal:
To identify the economic costs and benefits of implementing a local social tourism strategy The development of Tourism in any country is a great way for the reallocation of wealth from the local markets and injecting it back to the country’s revenue in a bid to ensure the growth of the community and see to it that the resources are tapped into and used effectively. Local tourism has a variety of economic and social benefits and costs especially for the community around it. Social and Economic Benefits:

* The most important is that it will earn the country foreign exchange * It will see the development of infrastructure to sustain the tourism. This includes good roads, airports and air strips, efficient communication channels among others * Through the taxes deducted in accordance to the governing policies it gives the government a platform to collect large sums of money to add to the revenue * Tourism will create employment for the locals and reduce the number of dependents on handouts, reduces crime due to idleness * Sees to the setting up of schools and other institutions of learning to equip the locals with the skills needed in the many sectors of the industry * Attracts financiers both locally and internationally who offer a variety of products and services * It allows for foreign exchange to be brought into the country as a result of the foreigners who visit as tourists. This will enable for the growth of the local economy * It gives a sense of pride and involvement on the part of the locals who will feel proud to show off their culture to the visitors * It gives a platform for interaction of different cultures form the tourists and from the locals. They learn something new about the ways of life, their values and cultures from each other * The community benefits form the infrastructure brought about...
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