Economic Changes in India

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  • Published : February 17, 2013
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Economic changes in India

Development is not a finite time length television episode but an everlasting phenomenon. It started with the birth of humans and will end with the end of humanity.

If the economic history of India is studied it will be noted that India has undergone drastic Economic changes since ancient times. From the barter system to the leading nation in the world the Economy of India has changed a lot indeed. This happened due to a variety of reasons few of them being industrial revolution,educational awareness, globalization,etc.

At around 3000 B.C. civilization began to establish around the major rivers in India. Indus and Sarasvati being few of them. A complex barter system developed in these civilizations. This was the birth of India's Economy. Since that time it has changed a lot indeed. As the first civilization developed around rivers, in fertile land, agriculture became their primary occupation. Since then even till today agriculture continues to govern India's economy. Such were the initial stages of India's Economy. This continued for thousands of years till the foreign traders came to India.

From foreign traders from many countries the country which created the strongest impact on Indian Economy was Britain (now known as England). This was because the British who came as traders in India slowly became the rulers of India.

Before them many other countries came to India and even many foreign rulers ruled India but they embraced India and its culture and economy but the British did not have any such intentions. They changed India in a way that benefited them the most.

The British ruled India for about 150 years and this was the time when everything in India was changing at the fastest possible way. While observing from the economic point of view many such thing happened which the Indians had never imagined. Educational awareness among the Indians increased. The Indians who once thought that education should be...
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