Economic Aspects of Agrarian Reform

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  • Published: October 3, 2011
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Economic aspects of agrarian reform?

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The following are the economic aspects of Agrarian reforms:\  1. Introduction of markets for agricultural land to enable removal of fragmented farm holdings, encouraging consolidation of farm lands, introduction of commercial farming than than subsistence agriculture, 2. Free movement of agricultural goods within the country and to the extent possible across borders to enable farmers to specialize in such crops in which the land is most competitive internationally 3. Free market for retailing of agricultural goods,

4. Prescription of reasonable minimum wage in agriculture and its proper eforcement. 5. Removal of subsidies on inputs to agriculture by Govt. and direct subsidy to the poor for purchase of agricultural produce for food, where necessary. 6.Removal of export levies on agriculture except in periods of serious shortages.

Agrarian reform
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Agrarian reform can refer either, narrowly, to government-initiated or government-backed redistribution of agricultural land (see land reform) or, broadly, to an overall redirection of the agrarian system of the country, which often includes land reform measures. Agrarian reform can include credit measures, training, extension, land consolidations, etc. The World Bank evaluates agrarian reform using five dimensions: (1) price and market liberalization, (2) land reform (including the development of land markets), (3) agro-processing and input supply channels, (4) rural finance, (5) market institutions.[1]

Ben Cousins defines the difference between agrarian reform and land reform as follows:

Land reform… is concerned with rights in land, and their character, strength and distribution, while… [agrarian reform] focuses not only on these but also a broader set of issues: the class character of the relations of production and distribution in farming...
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