Topics: Instinct, Tiger, Behavior Pages: 1 (329 words) Published: February 4, 2013

Hi, everyone. Today, I am going to talk about tigers’ instinctive and learned behaviors which are valuable for them. Now, I will describe three the difference of instinctive behaviors and three the difference of learned behaviors. First of all, instinctive behaviors are the characteristic penchant of a lived organism toward a specific complex behavior. Tigers’ three the differences of instinctive behaviors are territorial, estrus and breeding. As a tiger, it may has numbers of dens in some trees, caves and vegetation .the significance of tigers’ territory protect themselves far away from danger and can be hided easily far away from damage. Additionally, the instinct of estrus is normal instinctive behavior for a female tiger. When a female tiger may enter estrus what is able to conceive of a young female tiger’s need, the female tiger will often scent-mark with unique smelling urine to attract other male tigers. Moreover, the importance of breeding is the value of reproduction. Breeding include Copulation and gestation. Also, Copulation is briefly repeated frequently for five or six days, and gestation period is about three and half months. The advantages of breeding are good for getting more tigers and continuing the good genes of parents. What is more, learning is one of the most important behaviors for tigers. As we know; Tigers are mostly active at night. Sometimes, this pattern may vary by season and prey activity. Tigers are wonderful predators and have a nice insight, so they will know when they can get food. In addition, when tiger was a child, tiger cubs would spend a lot of time playing with their parents. Playing can help the growing tiger cubs develop beneficial life skills such as stalking, pouncing, and swatting. This is tigers which want to their children to be adaptive the natural environment. Also, when tigers hear some sound, they will show an attack position. No matter where they are, they are aware of dangerous anytime....
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