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Nepitus is a beautiful resort in the Floridian Keys where theres not a worry

in the wold. The temperature is always in the mid eighties to low nineties threw out the summer months. One of the resorts best amenities would be its private beach with crystal clear water and white sand beach. Nepitus is the ultimate luxury vacation destination and its where my family has been going for the past two years, but after I tell you my top three favorite activities you'll want to make your own trip Nepitus. The first thing my family dose as soon as we get to the resort is go check out our house. Every house on the resort has its own pool and and hot tub for the renters to enjoy there privacy. The interior of the house consists of four bedrooms, five bathrooms, and a recreational room stocked with every gaming unit you could ever want! After all the excitement about the house is over we unpack our clothes and start getting ready to go out to eat. We always take the first day of vacation slow to rest and be prepared for the next day. When we return to the house we turn the lights out and go to bed to be completely rested for all the activities we had planed for the next two weeks. The first activity is hitting the water park. There we so many different options of things to do. They has a giant slid is my favorite, with ice cold water running on it constantly for you to slide on and go ridiculously fast. An underwater jungle gym is also at the water park for the ones that are excellent swimmers and can hold there breath for a


long time. Another option the older folks enjoyed was the lazy river, where you could peacefully float around the water park at a relaxing pace watching all the action. The second jewel to Nepitus is its spa. The second you walk in you feel so serene and relaxed. The spas staff is so professional and kind, they make sure all of your needs are met and that you feel comfortable and pampered during your entire visit . My favorite package was...
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