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Discussion Questions

• During the 2010 Super Bowl® game, the Snickers™ candy bar campaign was voted the best ad among men and women 18 and older and youth 18 or younger. The ad featured a neighborhood football game in which one of the players, who has dwindling energy, is tackled again and again. His teammates tell him, “You play like Betty White!” The 80-year-old actress and comedian appears in the ad as the football player being tackled. If you were the owner of the ADBOWL® website, how would you draw the sample to measure the best ad that aired during the Super Bowl® game among the three groups of interest?

I would measure the best ad by posting a poll on the website that would collect certain information . this information would be the birth date . and allow them to choose which ad or commercial they thought was the best. By adding a function for birthday information I can measure the age range of those whom complete the poll.

• What special problem do open-ended questions have? How can these be minimized? In what situations are open-ended questions most useful?

Open-ended question leave the possibility for more question to be asked . If ther e is no end to the question of if the question is not direct it leave more question to be considered when doing a project or an ad. By answer all the questions ahead of time and focusing on the specific nature of the project we eliminate open-ended questions.
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