Ecommerce Report

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1. Introduction
2. History
3. Entrepreneurship in e-commerce
4. E-commerce business model
5. Key drivers affecting e-commerce
6. Online payment
7. How payment gateway works
8. Online payment security
9. Legal issues
10. Benefits of e-commerce
11. Limitations of e-commerce
12. Future of e-commerce

E-commerce i.e electronic commerce is simply the use of internet or any other computer network for conducting business transactions.The transaction is between and among organizations and individuals.It is a platform for selling of products and services.This use of computer network for business transactions has changed the face of communication for both, organization as well as customers.Some of the features of e-commerce can be showed as: * It is available all across the globe,i.e the size of the potential market is almost equal to the online population of the world. * It helps in establishing B to B,as well as B to C relationship. * Helps in selling of all type of tangible and intangible products and services. * Also is used for pre and post sales support.

* It allows two way communication between seller and the consumer. * It is comparatively a cheaper way to spread the information or to have communication. The extensive use of e-commerce is rather becoming harmful to those businesses who have not yet came under the shades of e-commerce.It helps to build and enhance further relationships with consumers, partners and other organizations. E-commerce is basically is basically an online business to business and business to consumer transaction.It is commonly referred to as e-retail, web commerce, e-tailing, e-com. E-commerce is not only restricted to sales, but also includes: * Consulting of consumers.

* Preparation of estimates online.
* Provision of an electronic catalog.
* Have plan and access to point of sales.
* Management of product availability in real-time.
* Online payment
* Delivery tracking.
* Post sales services.

Technology like electronic data interchange i.e the transfer of data from sender to receiver electronically and electronic funds transfer i.e transfer of money/cash from sender’s account to receiver’s account via computer networks were introduced in 1970’s making possible for organizations to exchange documents electronically.Gradually ATMs,credit cards and telephone banking came into picture.In 1990,after the invention of world wide web,internet gradually became everyones regular mode of communication.By the end of 2000,European and American companies started giving there services via internet and thereafter e-commerce took the whole world under its claws.


A whole lot of money

Availability of risk capital in the digital consumer market has been on the rise with newer Venture capitalists entering the market, and many PE investors turning towards early stage deals.

Growing entrepreneurship

The entrepreneurial ecosystem has matured significantly in recent years. The current wave of start-ups in the digital consumer space is being led by first generation entrepreneurs and not large corporates. Several of the leading e-commerce companies including Flipkart, Redbus and Snapdeal stand testament to the impact first generation entrepreneurs (in their 20’s and early 30’s) are having in the development of a new industry.

Improved support systems

Support structures have also been improving with the presence of associations like ‘The Indus Entrepreneurs’, (TiE), and across multiple cities in India. Initiatives like the National Entrepreneurship Network (NEN) are doing high quality work in channeling entrepreneurial energies of students at the university level towards new venture creation. Incubation centers at various prestigious educational institutes...
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