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Ecology and Environment

Plants that used to grow well in shaded conditions have also started to die. The changes caused by human activities always have consequences for the ecosystems. Many of the problems that affect the health of ecosystems today emanate from the fact that we cannot always accurately predict the Ecology is a branch of biological sciences. It is mainly concerned with the relations of organisms to one another and to their physical surroundings. It involves the investigation of total relations of animals to their organic and inorganic environment.

The ecology of my surrounding is characterized by a variety of wildlife. My surrounding is quite a spectacular scene to behold. This is because of its changes in diversity and density mostly seen in its fauna and flora. The scenario of my surroundings echoes an article derived from one of Eugene Odum’s article which states, …”when there is an introduction of new or different species they cause certain evolutionary developments. However, some flora grows in larger numbers and more quickly, but others can survive for a longer time – to survive or sustain themselves in a crowded environment”. This kind of diversity is evident in my surroundings.

The term environment is generally perceived as the surroundings. Environment is divided into two categories, the living and the non-living. Cunningham & Cunningham (2003) in their publication Principles of Environmental Science: Inquiry and Applications emphasize how science can help us find solutions for important environmental issues. This statement in essence implies that the material world is crucial for the living organisms. It is to be safeguarded. Economic growth on the other hand may adversely affect ecosystem. This is because its growth endangers natural resources and therefore accelerates and exacerbates degradation of the environment. In the recent times poorly managed and rapidly growing cities have led to a serious deterioration in...
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