Ecological Servics River

Topics: Ecosystem, Life, Ecology Pages: 2 (669 words) Published: February 18, 2013
Ecological services rivers

Grantham University

Cassandra Calloway

GS104 Environmental Science

In my mini reading I had read that ecological services of our water resources provide important ecological and economic services. And there are particularly evident in the services provided by rivers. According to the Ecological society of America ecosystem (or ecological) services are processes by which the environment produces resources that we often take for granted. The ecological systems support plants and animals; they also provide vital services to people that improve well-being. Ecosystems purify water and air, reduce flood and drought risks, provide food and fuel, and support recreation, there are many benefits. To ensure there valuable services continue, our natural areas must be healthy.

Ecosystem is a community of animals and plants interacting with one another and with their physical environment. Ecosystems include physical and chemical components, such as soils, water, and nutrients that support the organisms living with them. Those organisms may range from large animals and plants to microscopic bacteria. Ecosystem includes the interactions among all organisms in a given habitat. People are part of ecosystems. The health and wellbeing of human populations depends upon the services provided by ecosystems and their components organisms’ soil, water, and nutrients. The natural ecosystems and the plants and animals within them provide humans with services that would be very difficult to duplicate. While it is often impossible to place an accurate monetary amount on ecosystem services we can calculate some of the financial values. According to the ecological society of American many of these services are performed seemingly for free yet are worth many trillions of dollars, for example: much of the Mississippi River valley’s natural flood protection services were destroyed when adjacent wetlands were drained and channels altered. In...
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