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Topics: Philippines, Filipino people, Pinoy Pages: 4 (1217 words) Published: May 10, 2013
This position note is all about the laziness of the Filipinos. As I know we are called lazy by the Spaniards.

but A wise man said:

As the Spaniards called us Indolent indio. The old time Spanish friars would probably be still wagging their fingers in disapproval and contempt.  “Don’t be a Juan Tamad” is the lesson we are supposed to walk away with. Except there’s more to the story than the clownish caricature of the lazy indigenous Filipino.  The real story is that “Juan’s” actions are acts of SUBVERSION. That’s right.  Back in the bad old colonial days, many lands and the trees that grew on them were the friars’ properties.  So were the fruit that these trees bore.  It was illegal to pick the fruit.  So what if the fruit were to fall from the tree and into a waiting open mouth by an otherwise starving “native”?  No crime. That’s the little reported interpretation of the Juan Tamad story–how Pinoys turned a sad situation in their favor.  However little the victory there was in this story, it highlighted the creativity needed to combat the sheer humiliation, deprivation, and shame many native Filipinos experienced under the colonial yoke—the friars already took their lands, their labor (mandatory labor taxes), their choicest women, and other sad colonial abuses. Juan Tamad as the whipping boy of Philippine decay

The natives cannot have been all that lazy since they built hundreds of forts that dotted the Philippine archipelago, the idea of Filipino laziness doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing. Laziness fosters innovation

One of the most frequent complaints many recent Pinoy immigrants to the US is how white Americans are lazy and lackadaisical.  Compared to pinoy “kayod”, Americans are perceived to be constantly thinking about the weekend and getting time off (even on Mondays!)  All this despite the obvious economic superiority of the American economy to the Philippines’ “stuck near the bottom” economy.  So what gives? ...
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