Ecological Footprint

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  • Published : April 22, 2011
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In order to reduce my ecological footprint, I can use public transportation one more day per week rather than driving to the local stores and restaurants I frequent. Not only will it save me money on gas, but it also lead to less carbon emissions that produce and cause harm to the Earth. I can also fly less. I tend to fly to near destinations, like Massachusetts and the Carolinas. I think it could more fun if I took a road trip with family or friends or even take the Amtrak train. Last but not least, I will purchase products that are produced organically or with less packaging. Both produce just about the same kind of quality without having to use the needless materials that is mostly thrown away rather than recycled. By doing these three simple things, I reduce my footprint to .4 Planet Earths to 3.5 Planet Earth!

1.What is an ecological footprint? Which site did you like best? Why? An ecological footprint is a method used to measure a person’s lifestyle on Earth as well as to calculate the amount of Earths people would need if they all had the same way of living. I actually the quiz from It was more interactive and easier to understand especially if you don’t have a depth of knowledge on environmental science.

2.What surprised you about your ecological footprint?
I thought my ecological footprint would have been within the range of 2- 2.5. Therefore when I read the results and realized it was 3.9, I was surprised to know that I actually have a huge impact on the Earth and if everyone lived like me.
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