Ecological Footprint

Topics: Sustainability, Ecology, Natural environment Pages: 2 (562 words) Published: October 16, 2012
Ecosystems are dynamic interactions between plants, animals, and microorganisms and their environment working together as a functional unit. If ecosystems do not remain in balance, they will fail. No community can carry more organisms than its food, water, and shelter can accommodate. Humans have affected ecosystems in almost every way imaginable. Every time we walk out in the wilderness or plow new land, we are altering an ecosystem. Every human being has an impact on Earth’s ecological footprint. Every activity and daily consumption helps alter that footprint which in turn affects almost all ecosystems. The sustainability of Earth’s ecosystems depends on the lasting goals within institutions, communities, and projects. The government is beginning to make new laws and regulations to protect the environment and raise the importance of our environmental issues. Consumers are now paying more attention to whether or not companies are being environmentally friendly during manufacturing, packaging, producing, etc. It is important for corporations to understand how to design and manage green products these days due to the increasing demands from the consumers. Corporations selling these “eco-friendly” or “green” products are often increasing their consumers and demands even though these products are often more expensive. Consumers as a whole can lower their negative impact on the environment by the products they buy and use on a daily basis. Homeowners can purchase energy efficient products such as fluorescent light bulbs and high-efficiency appliances. Most corporations are now ensuring their products are eco and animal-friendly. Meats and produce can be purchased from farms that use “green” technology and non-pesticide feed. Small changes to how a product is made will affect society in the long run. There are many ways to sustain or alter our ecological footprints. Some may take drastic measures to make sure they are living a “green” lifestyle where others may...
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