Ecolab’s Profile and It Function

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Ecolab’s Profile and IT function

Abidemi Agboola

Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota

Schools of Graduate & Professional Programs

ITM 605, Business Profile and IT Function description

Doug Olson, MS, Instructor

January February 6, 2013


Ecolab Inc. is on the major producer of cleaning products and programs for hospitals, food services and energy industries. The aim of this paper is to focus on various aspects of the company. This paper will focus in depth on some of the important functions that help keep the company above the fray. Functions--such as, it business models, design and manufacturing of good and services will be discussed. The company’s vital products that produce Ecolab’s largest income and profits will be discussed as well. The paper will also touch on the company’s various strategies used to deliver it products and services in a global economy.

In a global economy, businesses thrive with good Information technology infrastructures. Information technology plays vital roles in successful businesses. Although tools like online advertising, and e-commerce can help businesses thrive in today’s global economy. However, this paper will focus on the importance of Information security functions within Ecolab’s IT organization. Furthermore, the impacts of information security functions from a business perspective will be discussed.

Ecolab Inc. is a cleaning product company; the company headquarter is located in Saint Paul, Minnesota. Ecolab is one of the world’s leading producers of commercial cleaning, sanitizing, food safety and prevention products. The company does not only create some the world’s finest cleaning products, the company also specializes in creating various programs not just to assist their customers, but to spur the company’s business growth. “Ecolab offers specialized cleaners and sanitizers for washing dishes, glassware, flatware, foodservice utensils, and kitchen equipment, as well as for laundries and general housekeeping functions; food safety products and equipment, water filters, dishwasher racks, and related kitchen sundries; pool and spa treatment programs; janitorial cleaning and floor care products; chemical dispensing device systems; and dishwashing machines, detergents, and rinse additives” (Yahoo Finance). Furthermore, the company’s aim is not just to produce cleaning products for food, healthcare and vehicles, alone but also provides various water solutions and services. Ecolab also focus on treatment of cooling water, boiler water, influent, and wastewater, as well as solutions for process improvements and pollutant control; paper services in the papermaking process and across various grades of paper; and energy services, such as on-site, technology-driven solutions to the drilling, oil and gas production, refining, and petrochemical industries. Ecolab Inc. has one of the best business models for any business to emulate. The company produces it products in various plants located all over the world and with its biggest research and engineering center in the twin cities, the company is able to employ some the brightest scientist from all over the world to work and develop some of the finest cleaning products. Though, the company’s researches are carried out in the twin cities. However, Ecolab create it products through all of it eleven business units. The company makes its money not just from selling it products to other businesses, but also it provides quality services through it eleven business units. Since the company design and manufacture it own products, Ecolab has also been able to provide many of it customers’ onsite assistance and training, which has made the company to distinguish it-self from other businesses. Ecolab sell and distribute most of it products through various distribution vendors. However, the company relies on its owned well-trained field sales...
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