Topics: Feminism, Sociology, Natural environment Pages: 9 (3035 words) Published: April 14, 2013
* Lily Markley
* Professor James Adams
* Wmst 3800
* December 6, 2012
Beauty of Ecofeminism
Power and dominance is a concept in our society perpetuated in the ideologies of patriarchy. It is the conceptual framework that shapes most of our society today, and perpetuates the progression of oppression in every corner of the world. As ideologies of patriarchy continue to rise against women and marginalized groups, many forms of activism have risen above the constraints of this irrational system. However through my eyes, I see the key to the door that could release oppression in the darkest corners of our society. Through ecofeminism we can entwine the relationship of not only women and nature, but connect it to all levels of oppression implemented by patriarchy. Understanding how the oppression of women and nature go hand in hand, will help us see the root of oppression in our society and empower us to re-envision those conceptual frameworks in a more sustainable, caring way. Making the environment a feminist issue we can take a more appropriate approach to environmental ethics and prevent further domination of nature, and oppressed groups whom live abide it. Understanding the pillars that hold patriarchy together is the first piece of the puzzle need to be solved to prevent the further justification of subordinating women. Patriarchy is supported on an oppressive conceptual framework based on the domination of women by men. These ideologies are derived from a male-centered perspective, which manifests on the domination of elements around men creating dualisms and hierarchy. These foundations of patriarchy and the concept of subordinating women are debated to be the root of all oppression such as sexism, racism, class oppression, and environmental destruction. However, although some may argue that hierarchies and dualisms are not problematic but rather necessary in our everyday lives, the main issue is the conceptual framework from which hierarchy and dualisms are used. With the belief that the world is meant for their taking, a hierarchy is established, dividing things and breaking naturally balanced equals like mind/body, human/nonhuman, male/female dualisms. Separating pairs of concepts that should be conceptualized together is what creates the hierarchy, which derives prejudices and causes biases that implement irrational social, ecological and political decisions. These dualisms are what cause inequalities in a patriarchal society, whether it be against nature, or groups of people, ”dualisms will not be overcome or transformed until the connections between and among them are named and understood. This means that we cannot rest with examining the consequences of subjugating body to mind or female to male” (Daly). In order to solve the problems around these issues, we must understand the foundations of our society and why we value certain things over others. For a social movement to truly solve the problems of inequalities, it must address all pillars of patriarchy and rebuild a new mindset. Throughout the world, we see ecofeminism addressing these issues to create a new framework, not based on the conceptions of patriarchy. The beauty of ecofeminism is the broad audience it can pertain to. With the connection between women, nature, and other marginalized groups, ecofeminism attempts to change preconceived ideologies that cause injustices in our world today. It goes beyond the issues of gender oppression and strives to change the underlying issue of patriarchy and linear thinking. Connecting issues that descended from the same irrational perspective, ecofeminism provides a common ground for all individuals fighting for liberation. There are many connections between women and nature. There are historical, conceptual, symbolic, political, ethical, physiological, and theoretical connections that support the relationship that eco feminist have identified. Women and nature are connected based on the...
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