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nEco town Case Study White Hill Bordon

Whitehill Bordon is located in the south east of England – 46 miles from central London. The nearest big cities are Guildford to the north and Portsmouth to the south. The town has grown around the Ministry of Defence’s presence in the town. It is set in rolling countryside and it is about a 40 minute drive to the sea. A new national park is being established – the South Downs National Park – and Whitehill Bordon will serve as a gateway to it. Here is a map showing White Hills location.

About the town
The town does not possess the historical features or distinctive characteristics associated with most small towns. In particular it has no recognisable town centre and relatively few community facilities. The eco-development presents an opportunity to achieve a number of objectives – meeting the clear need for better local facilities, helping the community to protect the natural environment and providing affordable and decent homes. Aims of national and local government

The regeneration of the town is being led by a multi-agency partnership which is called the ‘Delivery Board’. This has just been set up and has representatives from the following organisations: East Hampshire District Council, Hampshire County Council, Whitehill Town Council, Whitehill Bordon Town Partnership, Ministry of Defence and the Homes and Communities Agency. The meetings will be held in public and will have an independent chairman. There will also be more opportunities for the community to influence the project. Anyone will be able to join new groups and they will discuss issues in the town and make recommendations to the Delivery Board. Around £10 million was given by the government. The funding aims to provide: affordable housing and sustainable living. It will also provide carbon neutral developments and creative use of waste and high rates of recycling. Local employment is hopefully going to be provided and the locals will have a...
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