Eco-Tourism: The Only Way Forward in Dominica

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  • Published : August 11, 2012
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A pleasant and joyous Good Morning to all. It is with extreme gratitude that I hereby express my views on why Eco-Tourism is the only way forward for Dominica. To begin with, what is Eco-Tourism? Eco tourism is defined as a responsible travel to natural areas that conserves the environment and improves the well being of local people. Truly, I believe that eco-tourism is the only way forward for Dominica because the country is rich in natural resources, there is low maintenance, and it brings in revenue to the country. The startling question is: what is the eco-tourist really seeking? Quite simply, the opportunity to appreciate and enjoy areas of unspoilt natural beauty, gushing waterfalls and hot sulphur springs which Dominica offers. Undoubtedly, this is the reason why Dominica is the ideal example of an eco tourist destination. In Dominica,the forest provides us with an extremely high quality of fresh air that fills the lungs of the tourists as they set foot on this pristine island. Many eco-tourist destinations are emerging, but it would be difficult to find areas more interesting and diverse than the untouched rainforest of Dominica."Once embarked on this island, there are no thoughts of turning back!". Dominica has a tropical wet climate, with characteristically, warm temperatures and heavy rainfalls. Due to Dominica's mountainous formation, it is water rich, with swift-flowing highland streams which cascade into deep gorges and form natural pools and crater lakes in which the tourists can stop off to take a nice cool bath. Dominica is the Caribbean's clear winner for breath taking, beautiful scenery. Covered from end to end with mountains,impressure volcanic formations luxurious rainforests and hundreds of pure clear rivers cascading over waterfalls, Dominica is the premier destination for adventures and nature lovers. Additionally Eco Tourism in Dominica is very easy to maintain. Due to the scenery being that of unique rainforest there is no need...
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