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  • Published : March 3, 2013
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Team - Monks_On_Mission Eco-Quest The Biogas Grid
Thinking about the future is a part of the story; the bigger challenge is to make green technologies cost effective and accessible to the urban households to increase their usage. There are two important considerations if we are to make green technologies a part of our daily lives: There should be incentive for the general households to promote it The returns should offset the cost in as early as possible Integrated biogas grid is one such area. The responsibility of installing and maintaining such initiatives is normally vested with the government but this can change - A designated urban area will be divided into several segments with a sizeable number of households, say, blocks. These blocks will be given financial and technological support to install biogas plants. But the maintenance of these plants, i.e., supply of inputs (e.g. waste biomass) and periodic observations will rest with the individual blocks. A part of the fuel will be used by blocks to source its own requirements and the rest will be routed to an integrated grid connecting individual blocks. The grid will act as a power pool which can sell the fuel sourced from blocks to the deficient households. A part of the money thus generated will go the blocks in proportion of their contribution to the grid.

• Equipment • Technology • Financial Support

• Install bio power plants • Source the fuel • Use a part of the fuel

• We generate power • Pay you for your contribution • Promoting self sustainability






This scheme can be extended to other forms of cleaner technologies too. This approach will serve a two pronged purpose: By making individual households as owners it encourages them to invest in it As the fuel routed to the integrated grid leads to additional income, households will be motivated to save as much as possible resulting in...
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