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Topics: Sustainability, Hotel, Recycling Pages: 6 (1596 words) Published: April 25, 2011
Silpakorn University International College
912 208 Practicum in Housekeeping and Front Office II

Instructor: Aj. Wonrasak Sucher
Submitted by: An Ngoc Van DO 90520165

I. Introduction to green hotels/ resorts:
Green hotels or Eco hotels are environmentally friendly properties that take the initiative and implement very important practices and programs to reduce energy, water, and waste. That is participating in recycling programs, linen changing programs, installing energy efficient lighting, and getting their message out to their guests and how they are doing their part in protecting the planet. By featuring innovative and imaginative programs they help in conserving natural resources, reducing waste, minimizing pollution, and maximizing sustainability. Eco hotels not only save money for the owner/manager, but also resources for the world while at the same time letting their guests continue doing good things for the environment through the environmental friendly programs. II. Being Earth-friendly with The Orchard Garden Hotel, San Francisco, California 1. Location:

Orchard Garden Hotel 466 Bush Street, San Francisco, California 94108
Located at Union Square – downtown, it has all excitement of a busy fancy area. It’s much more convenience as surrounding by Financial District, Moscone Convention Center, Chinatown, and other shopping malls. 2. Background:

Inspiration for the hotels’ dedication to Mother Earth comes from our 85-year-old founder and owner, Mrs. S.C. Huang. She is passionate about clean environments, after the untimely cancer-related deaths of three family members, and has devoted herself to creating environmentally safe and sustainable hotels. 3. Vision:

“Green from the ‘inside out’ and beautiful too!”

4. The Green Concept:
1. Eco-friendly products, services and operating:
The Orchard Garden has been following environmentally sustainable concept as its ‘Green vision’ that attracts a lot of guests come from all over the world. Considering this Eco-friendly concept at the very beginning, this boutique hotel was built and has been operating successfully, which differentiates itself from other hotels. It brings out the ‘Green breath’ from every single corner of the hotel.

Materials using for construction are selected carefully, which emphasize resource conservation. It’s included using concrete made from ‘fly ash’, a byproduct of recycling coal and wood certified by Forest Stewardship Council as harvested in a sustainable manner. During the construction of Orchard Garden, actions were taken to reduce the amount of soil erosion, sedimentation in waterways, and dust. Out of the total new wood in the facility, the hotel uses 50% Forest Steward Council (FSC) certified maple from Minnesota for most of the furniture and trim. Adhesives, paints, carpet systems, furniture, and fixtures have low volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions. Local materials are encouraged to use during the construction. Regionally manufactured products are 22%; regionally extracted materials are 55%. Through commissioning, the team solved problems in advance, and reduced energy consumption by ensuring systems operated as designed.

Table 1: Recycled Content
Up to 30% Fly Ash in Concrete|
100% Recycled Carpet Pad and Backing|
30% Recycled Ceiling Tiles|
25% Recycled Window Glass|
25% Recycled Steel|
40% Recycled Louvers|
53% Recycled Curtain Sheers|
86% Recycled Shower Curtains|
49% Recycled Bed Coverlets|

Additionally, guestroom key card energy control system is launched to avoid wasting electricity. The key card is placed to the discreet box to open the door and turn on the lights and other room systems. The guest takes the key card when going out the room, the room’s electricity is turned off, excepting for an outlet of charging laptops, cell phones, etc. By this way, it’s expected to save up to...
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