Eco Film Fest, an Interesting Activity

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  • Published : November 7, 2012
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My first interesting activity I was joined in University Tun Abdul Razak was Eco Film Fest. On 30th October 2011 ago, all my classmates including me were joined one activity was organized by University Malaya. This activity was very important to us to complete our assignment task for subject Understanding Environment Management. Besides that, I was going there to make us be aware of our environment and earth. Today, our environment was unpredictable. All these happened because of human hand. Human did much pollution such as air pollution, water pollution, and also throw acid substances into rivers. All these can makes flora and fauna almost extinct and also the weather of the earth today is difficult to forecast.

A lot of activities were provided in the Eco Film Fest such as movie, games and more than ten booths in that festival. All the games, video and activities were about environment. The participants were not only come from Malaysia, but also got participant from foreigner and they were very love and excited to safe our environment.

In the Eco Film Festival also has Mycat booth. The function of the booth was to give awareness to people about the animals that almost extinct. The animals were tiger, bear, elephant, snake and monkey. These animals hunted by people to get something from the animals. For example people kill tiger to get it teeth and snake for it skin. This booth also shows a few traps that hunter use to kill these animals. The trap were very horrible and can makes animals die if trapped in that trap and animals also can get serious injured if trapped in that trap. The talker also shows to me few animals that people hunt to make food such as some animals were killed to make soup. In the booth, I was signed the petition to support team Mycat to protect these animals. In the booth I felt very sad when people did cruel towards all animals because of money. I also asked to makes report to Mycat team if meet restaurant sell the...
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