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Environmental Management

“Why ecologic energy has to become the one to feed our transportation methods?”

By: Douglas Ascencio 10°B

Mr. Hunt

Monday, January 21st, 2013.
My thesis question is “why ecologic energy has to become the one to feed our transportation methods?”

I chose this question because I’ve noticed that in the Salvadorian society the transportation as well as its very varied methods have become a vital part of its development and it is almost impossible to imagine our population to go on with their lives without worrying about moving to their respective jobs fast enough to get on time, getting an easy and reliable way to move where they need to move such as hospitals or pharmacies, or even a non-complicated way to move where they can get some joy and diversity such the beach, a theme park or even a municipal park. Our country has also become one of the most polluting nations in Central America because of the excessive use of conventional cars and the complete non-utilization of electric powered cars. But the main reason of why I chose this question is not about the undeniable need to move the masses, but the consequences of moving them the way they are being moved. My objectives are 1) to know what people think about conventional transportation and the pollution it generates 2) to find out what people think about eco-friendly transportation and about the idea of getting it into the country, 3) to find out what the government plans to do about the pollution generated by conventional transportation and to discover if eco-friendly transportation is one of their solutions 4) to encourage the development of cleanly energy powered cars in the national territory, 5) to endure people to understand that eco-friendly energized transportation methods are the future of transportation, 6) to make people realize that transportation methods fueled with fossil fuels are nothing but poisonous for the environment and our society as well, 7) and to promote the interest in taking care of our planet in order to give not only an example, but also a future for the new generations that are to come.

The main idea of this question is simple: the greater the number of cars, motorcycles and public transportations methods that are used in the streets, the higher the level of pollution in our country. In words of the Ministry of Environment of El Salvador, the largest and probably the main cause of why the level of pollution has increased so much in the country is the increase in the number of cars that are driven over the streets of the country; without proper measures and unconsciousness in how the cars and other means of transport both public and civil function, they generate excessive levels of air pollution in both rural and urban areas of the nation. In a research in which a laser gun was used to measure the level of darkness in the smoke coming out from the cars and public buses, the limit percentage of darkness, which is a 70% of darkness, in the expelled smoke from most of the buses and cars was exceeded for over 10% and 20% of darkness, which means that the amount of impurities produced from burning those fossil fuels inside the cars is bigger than ever, harming the environment’s state. The fossils fuels being poisonous to our planet’s environment are just the top of an iceberg of many other disastrous effects for our society; breathing sicknesses are one of the consequences of conventional cars. In a document of FUSADES, the Salvadorian Foundation for Economic and Social Development, says that the respiration sicknesses are straightly related to the polluted air generated by fossil fuels powered cars and that these cause unnecessary costs to both the individuals and the society, including the costs on treatments, the loss of productivity and the costs to avoid the respective diseases. FUSADES also proposed the fact that the air pollution generated by the cars constitute to a...
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