Eco/561 Business Proposal

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  • Published : October 26, 2011
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Business Proposal
ECO/561- Economics
August 11, 2011
Dr. Etta Egbe
Business Proposal
The objective is to create a business plan that will provide convenience to patients, visitors, and staff at Singing River Hospital. At the same time reduce service cost, achieve ideal production levels, and add revenue to Subway at Singing River Hospital. Moreover, the business proposal will identify methods to minimize cost for Subway. Our business proposal consists of supplementing visitors and staff-related retail Subway food services at Singing River Hospital and is not created to substitute for patient meals. Following this further, healthy low fat menu choices will be offered to patients on restricted diets. This will benefit the food service and increase satisfaction to patients. Additionally, food will be prepared fresh, consist of nutrients, and offer a wide range of healthy choices. At the end of the business proposal, Subway at Singing River Hospital will have a strategy to follow to make the franchise successful. In a high profile hospital such as Singing River Hospital it is imperative to have a strong brand in place. Customers desire the highest quality product, service, freshness, and appropriate food safety procedures. To increase revenue a diverse menu will be available to visitors and staff. A diverse menu is important because customers will come visit the restaurant on a regular basics. Also catering options are offered throughout the day to satisfy customer needs. At Subway we understand that individuals enjoy saving buck or two; therefore, an affordable and value menu is in place for customers. In addition, menu prices are the lowest in the sandwich category. Subway chains take pride in providing excellent customer service at all restaurants. Friendly service will be practiced to every customer. This practice is essential and will increase revenue by bringing customers back to enjoy another meal with us. For the simple fact, customers want...
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