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ECO 100



Missouri Retail Trade 2010
What is the meaning of retail trade? Retail trade is a part of the larger wholesale and retail industry. The retail trade is generally engaged in the sales of goods to the general public and not to the businesses. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the retail trade has two types: store and non-store retail outlets. The store based retail outlets use a fixed location to sell goods and services, such as installations. The other type of retail, the non-store retail businesses uses other forms of sales techniques including online catalogs, portable stalls, and infomercials. The non-store retails are basically online companies that sell their services and goods. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports the retail trade is usually the final step in the production and distribution of goods. The retail trade usually sells amounts of a product to individuals.

The retail sales in Missouri were measured by pull factors and market share. The retail pull factors are used to measured leakages and monitor retail trade across counties of Missouri. Retail pull factor is a relative measure of retail trade captured by a county over a specific time period. In 2010 Missouri’s retail sales by industry were as follows: General merchandise was 25%, Food was 18%, Eating and Drinking was 18%, Misc. Retail was 14%, and All other was 25%.

During this year the Missouri retail facts were as followed: Employment was 299,377. The establishments were 16,467. The average wage in Missouri was $24,392. According to the Missouri Economy Organization during the period 2007 to 2010 the county retail trades pull factors changed by an increase as follows: 12 counties grew greater than 25%. 68 counties grew up to 25%. 36 counties declined up to 25%. And the rest 4 counties declined greater than 25%. 50% of the state of Missouri surpasses the 25% of retail pull...
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