Eclectic Approach

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  • Published : May 8, 2013
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Nowadays, English has become the Global language. It is the language of science, technology, economic, etc. As a result, learning English has become an essential need for everyone. While learners try their best to reach their goal of successful communicator in foreign language, teachers find ways to make language teaching effective. In this fashion, considering and choosing the right way in teaching is prior thing for all of teachers and I am not an exception. We have witnessed the dominance of Communicative Approach with Communicative Language Teaching in the world in general and in Vietnam in particular recent years. For me, I will use the Eclectic Approach to teach English in the future due to its benefits it can bring and suitability for Vietnamese context. First, I will go through some literature about this approach. What is Eclectic Approach? It is an approach “in which the teacher does not use one particular method but includes a mixture of different methods to suit his class” ( Aslam, 2003: 67). It allows language to absorb the best techniques of all the well- known language – teaching methods into their classroom procedures, using them for the purposes for which they are most appropriate (River, 1981, as cited in Mahmood, 2012). This means the objective of this approach is that the teacher is not limited to only a single method but the teacher can use a selection of appropriate techniques. It is much more flexible than other methods and it can be adapted easily to suit a wide variety of teaching situations (Wheeler 1983:37- 38, cited in Rasri) Today many teachers prefer to use this method. This was proved by an international survey conducted by Liu in term of the familiarity, use for teaching learners at different proficient level, use for teaching four skills as well as preferences of method (Liu, 2004: 143), because they can adjust to the requirements for achieving the purpose of teaching without the need...
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