Eci Pass Paper 13

Topics: Electronic commerce, Cryptography, Trigraph Pages: 3 (449 words) Published: March 23, 2013
University College Dublin

An Colaiste OUscoile, Baile Atha Cliath


Academic Year - 2009/10

Bachelor of Science (Sri Lanka) BSc 13 Part Time
MIS 2007L
E-Commerce Infrastructure

Professo r Debra Howcroft
Profes sor Andrew Deegan
Dr. Matt G lowatz "*

Time Allowed: 3 Hours

Instructions for Candidates

An swer four (4) questions.

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Question 1
Discuss the following Electronic Commerce Infrastructure related topicS and use exa mples to strengthen your discussion: 1. RFID 2 . URL Pointing 3 . Internet2 & IPv6 4. Discuss strategic wireless applications & technologies to be im plemented by an organisation competing in an industry of your own choice.

Question 2
Define the term "broadband" an d summarise broadband technologies available to both d omesti c and commercial users in Sri Lanka. Discuss the te rm "Broadban d Co ntention Rat e".

Question 3
Discu ss t he following Electr onic Commerce Infrastructure related security topics. Use examples to support your discussion: (a) Electronic Commerce security needs and security threats (b) Wh ich t echn olo gies may a company Electronic Co m me rce I nfrastructure? deploy to protect their

(c) Br ief ly dis cuss t he Caesa r-S h ift Substitution Cipher? Usin g a f iv eletter shift , decrypt t he follo w ing cipher text: . Tjp vmz ocz wzno nopyzion di ojri

Question 4
As part of an Ele ctro nic Comm erce appli ca ti on devel op m ent p roj ect, organisa t ion s may find it helpf ul to conduct the El ectronic Shop pi ng Test ( ES Test) . Ca rry out t he ES Test f or a compa ny of y our own choice aim ing t o increase thei r on line rev enue . I n your ow n opinion, do y ou think that t he ES -Test is a useful t ool t o analyse the potential of an organisation's

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product(s) or service(s) being sold online? Use examples to strengthen your discussion

Question 5
Electronic Payments Solutions...
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