Echo by Walter de La Mare

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“Echo” written by Walter De La Mare

"Who called?" I said, and the words
Through the whispering glades,
Hither, thither, baffled the birds--
"Who called? Who called?"

In the first stanza of his poem, he gives us hints of this character being alone from the repeating of his echoing, “Who called? Who called?” “Through the whispering glades” meaning an empty space in the forest, this doesn’t necessary mean an forest, could represent the character’s mind. In the first stanza also tells of the character is unpleasant. “Hither, thither, baffled the birds”. Hither and thither both mean the coming of birds. When we think of birds, we think freedom and not chained down but the word baffled in front of the word birds, means something happened. If the author were talking about freedom, why would he put that word that, simply indicating that what’s happening is far from good, the opposite of being free perhaps? “The coming of something that chains the character down” could be in different words the author is trying to suggest.

The leafy boughs on high
Hissed in the sun;
The dark air carried my cry
Faintingly on:

So far, we’ve seen that the author uses nature to describe or hint the character’s emotions. The second stanza is proof that nature has a main part in describing the character and maybe even the meaning the poem. “The leafy boughs on high”, means the “main” part of the branch, resaying nature is the main branch of the poem. The second stanza also has the evidence that the character is depressed. “Hissed in the sun” Hissed mean a sharp note but can also mean displeasure. Figuring out that hissed could mean displeasure, resaying it would be” displeasure of the sun” The sun signals warm, light and hope, but saying there’s a displeasure to that could mean the opposite. “The dark air carried my cry” The author uses words of negativity, nature is also darken here, evidence that nature connects with the character. We for sure know that the character is...
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