Ece 313 Behaviors and Strategies for the Home and School Ssetting

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Behaviors and Strategies for the Home and School Setting

Family Centered program theories and concepts have many benefits in the early childhood classroom and the child’s home. Children need to be given choices in both the classroom and the home. Autonomy is an important step within a child’s development and there are several behaviors that are necessary for the children to go through. It takes educators and parents working together to encourage the desired behaviors. Even though educators and parents need to work together to encourage the desired behaviors in children there are different strategies to teaching these behaviors; attachment, self-help skills, empowerment, pro-social skills, self-esteem to parents so they can reinforce them at home. Educators and parents encourage desired behaviors in pre-school aged children in the preschool setting in many ways. They encourage different things with each different behavior. Each behavior has its own importance that it brings to the child and the preschool setting. One of the behaviors is attachment. “Attachment is a lasting emotional relationship that begins to develop in infancy and serves to tie the infant to one or more people in his or her life,” (Gonzalez-Mena, 2009). Educators and parents encourage attachment by making relationships with their child and the students. Attachment is to trust. Teachers encourage children to trust them and the parents encourage the children to believe in the teachers. You want to encourage “synchronous interactions”. You want the children and the teacher to be “in sync” with each other. Another behavior that is important to teach is self-help skills. Parents need to encourage their child to do things on their own at school and to try their best. Teachers need to encourage students to do things for themselves. If it is something they are capable of doing on their own then we need to as educators to do it themselves. Teaching them and encouraging them to do things on their own gives them a sense of empowerment and can even encourage team work. Teachers and parents need to also work together to encourage self-help skills. The child needs to be encouraged both at home and at school to feed themselves and even to learn to tie their own shoe. If the teacher is encouraging the child to feed themselves then they need to experience it at home too. It will not be as effective if the child is encouraged at school but not at home. Another behavior to encourage at school is empowerment. You don’t want the child to feel like they have all the power but you do want them to feel like they have some form of empowerment. Teachers can encourage this behavior by having a developmentally appropriate environment for the child. By giving them freedom to explore, the child can feel like they have the power to do, see, and do things on their own. Giving them objects to manipulate encourages exploration which encourages empowerment. When you encourage self-help skills you are also encouraging empowerment. When they can do things on their own they feel a sense of power. Giving choices is also a way to encourage empowerment. Children can feel very powerful when they are given options instead of a single directive. You also want to set limits in the classroom. If the children have limits they are being given the power to explore things within those limits. Another behavior to encourage in the preschool setting would be pro-social skills. Pro-social skills are important to teach in preschool setting because it teacher children what is important in life and to set goals accordingly. It teaches them morals and values. Educators and parents encourage children to learn pro-social skills by teaching them to treat others the way they want to be treated. You can also encourage them to share and be kind. Teachers encourage students to help others when needed. Those are all little lessons that will be effective their whole life....
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