Ece 312

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Community Resources
ECE 312 Administrations of Early Childhood Ed. Programs
March 19, 2012

Beyond the traditional primary care that is essential for all children, families also may benefit from a broad range of community-base services, such as family support; housing, employment, and social services; educational services; mental health services; substance abuse treatment; language assistance; and services for children and with special health care needs. Referring a child or it s family for community services and support is, therefore, a common interaction of a child care center director or it staff. Promoting Community relationships involves more than just knowing enough about local providers and agencies to make referrals. Individuals and families are formed by the communities in which they live, whether those communities are defined by race, ethnicity, socioeconomics, or lifestyle. Learning about these communities and understanding their cultures and key to making successful links between families and the services they need and to promoting the health and well-being of children and families. The community resource programs support child care centers through information, outreach, and resource library, networking and learning opportunities. This allows families to receive information on quality child care and referrals to settings that best meet their needs. The program within the center help in supporting families through parenting information, workshops, resource lending libraries and any substance abuse that families may be going through. As a director I would put together a booklet that will explain to the parents of what is available in the community and how they could reach them. Here is a breakdown of what would be in the book. I would head the booklet Local Community Resources. The first one would be promoting health: Title V services for Children with Special Health Care Needs; State Children’s Health Insurance Program; Local Child and...
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