Ece 201

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0Behavioral Support Plans

Behavioral Support Plans

ECE 201

Debra Lawrence

Jan.14, 2013

Behavior management plays an important role in early childhood education. Behavior management is important in early childhood education setting in order to develop and/or maintain some sort of order in the classroom. However, the most important reason to have behavior management and/or rules in the early childhood education setting is the safety of the students and yourself as well. A child’s behavior not only frustrates their teacher but their parents as well. That’s when behavior management steps in because the teacher or parent has to find a way to manage the child’s behavior. Communication between home and school keeps the focus on what the child needs in order to be successful in life.

When dealing with behavior management with a troubled child you have to be consistent. In this paper I will describe the purpose of behavior management in early childhood education setting, discuss three strategies teachers may use to determine the function of challenging behaviors and design an individual support plan for each of the challenging behaviors, and summarize the role of the teacher in designing and implementing a classroom behavior plan. The purpose of the behavior management system is to provide teachers with a plan to keep order in their classrooms. Discipline, communication skills, and social skills are basis of an effective management system. An effective behavior management system provides an organized learning environment for students and reduces stress and burnout among teachers. Working with kids you have to keep a positive mind at all times. You can never take your mind off your students and teaching at no times.

Behavior management provides children with assistance and tools they need in order to learn how to appropriately behave at home and in a classroom setting. Behavior management is there for the purpose of assisting children display proper behaviors that is needed in learning environment. Teachers do this by teaching children appropriate behaviors and social behaviors that are expected and acceptable, children will learn these behaviors and exercise them at home and school.

Behavior management include all of the actions and conscious inactions to enhance the probability people, individually and in groups, choose behaviors which are personally fulfilling, productive, and socially acceptable ( The overall purpose of behavior management is to assist young children in displaying behaviors that are conducive to learning and to teach social behaviors that are appropriate for home and school settings. Positive behavior training starts at home. If you began to train your kids at home from right and wrong then it affectively takes place at school. Sometimes it doesn’t always happen like that but if you let your children know that there will be repercussion then it will not be as bad. Developing strong behavior management skills in classroom skills is very important to bring forth to prevent burnout in the classroom. Most of the time student misconduct and teacher frustration with behavior issues often lead to work stress, job dissatisfaction, and loss of teachers as well as behavior problems with the students. Having behavior management in a classroom can keep teachers and their students on the same page. Behavior management has a huge impact on students along with their achievements and their will to learn. When a student has challenging behavior, it is the teacher’s role to help execute strategies to change and improve that behavior. Teachers should conduct a functional behavior assessment (FBA) as a first step in trying to understand why a student may be engaging in challenging behaviors. A FBA enables you to figure out the functions or purposes of the challenging behavior and to identify events in the environment that trigger and maintain it (Kaiser &...
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