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Theses on Ecclesiology

1. The origin of the Church comes from the preaching and mission of Jesus Christ and takes the explicit visible reality as a community by his Pascal Mystery and the outpouring of the Spirit. The origin of the concept church comes from the concept of kingdom. Kingdom means reign and rule of God. It means God’s dominion over the world, mankind and history. It is not primarily the question of area but for the lordship of Yahweh. Ref. ps. 93; 1, 96; 10, 99; 1, 145; 13 where the aspect of lord as king is mention (the lord is king). There are 4 p [positive understanding of kingdom 1. Soteriological; Means the concept of salvation. From the part of God His saving presence- justice from the part of man his response-faith, obedience. 2. Eschatological; looking forward for final fulfillment “already and not yet” Ref. Hos, 2; 18; 23- the Yahweh make a treaty.

Is, 9; 1-6 Light will shine in the dark
Is, 11; 1-9the coming of Jesus
Jes 3;24 all will live together
3. Apocalyptic: God intervenes in a transcendent way. Dan 2: 44; 45 establishing of new kingdom. 4. Universal Character God’s kingdom not to a particular people but to all.
In the NT. The central focus but to all Jesus presence who is the fulfillment of OT. Ref. Lk 17; 20 when the Pharisees asked when would the kingdom come? Jesus answers; “Kingdom of God is among you”. It Jesus himself Mt. 12; 28 When Jesus was blamed to cast out the demon in the name of Beelzebul he answers “If it is through the Sprit of God that I drive out devils, then be sure that the kingdom of God has caught you unawares” (come to you). Therefore the fulfillment of God’s kingdom is the very person of Jesus himself. 2nd the fulfillment of God’s kingdom consists in the preaching of Jesus himself. Ref. Mk 1; 15 the time is fulfilled, and the kingdom of God has come near, repent, and believe in the good news. Mt. 4; 17 Repent, for the kingdom of heaven has come near

Lk 4; 43 I must proclaim the good news of...

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