Ebook Readers of the Future

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  • Published : November 10, 2008
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Knowledge Center analyst J. Gerry Purdy predicts that up to 75 percent of the paper- bound book readers of the world could switch to using eBook readers within 10 years if the eBook readers incorporate certain features. Purdy notes that today people do not use eBook readers over regular paper-bound books because they do not provide the person reading the book with a better reading experience. He describes 15 features he believes eBook readers must have in order for most people to want to use one instead of reading a paper-bound book. I will summarize these 15 features and comment on each from a personal perspective. 1. Correct size -- The best size for an eBook reader would be around same size as a regular paper-bound book and be very thin and light. I agree with this size and weight. Most people are used to an electronic device book being a small size in order to be considered portable. To get users to switch to a different format, the book must be an acceptable size. 2. Instant on/off -- It has to be able to be turned on and off instantly. I agree with this concept as well. Nobody is going to want to wait for the book to warm up. Paperback book readers expect a certain convenience of just opening the book and reading. Purdy explains that the eBook reader “would likely be based on Linux and operate like TiVo”. Since it is for reading and not for computing, this makes sense. 3. Great (natural) user interface -- You have to be able to use it without problems or complicated procedures. This is for me, a given. If it is complicated not many people will use it. 4. High-contrast, high-resolution, bright color display -- Readable is key. The eBook reader would have to have a screen that could be read in the sunlight as well as the darkness. The eBook reader displays of today have pretty good screens but they are slow. Also the eBook readers will need to be able to handle being moved around and held tightly. No flimsy screen will work here. I agree with...
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