Ebenezer Howard

Topics: City, Urban planning, Garden city movement Pages: 4 (1400 words) Published: April 21, 2013
It is said that there were two major inventions in the beginning of the twentieth century; the invention of the airplane, and Ebenezer Howards’ creation of the Garden City. In the 19th century, as a response to extremes of the capitalist order and an alternative to the industrial city, communitarian activity started to search new forms of community. Ebenezer Howard cropped up a new type of human settlement which is more rational for an industrial age, The Garden City. It was a new form of social and economic collaboration with a control and order. Howard aimed to reverse the congestion and spread of the large city through new form of planned community. To build a garden city, Howard needed money to buy land. He decided to get funding from “gentlemen of responsible position and undoubted probity and honor”. He founded the Garden City Association in 1899, although it took forty years to win a serious consideration from the government. By 1945, government noticed the problems of some form of planning and it was the Howard’s contribution to modify a nonconformist vision of community developed in nineteenth century reform circles. The most significant thing is that Howard’s utopian thinking was the transitional figure which connected 19th century reformers to 20th century professional planners.

Ebenezer Howard had a better vision for town community life to end the congestion in English cities to build self sufficient colonies in agricultural land. He knew that larger cities didn't create large communities but created alienated lonely separate people whom lacked the sense of a community.

According to Howard’s aspect Garden City was the key to bring man to a natural order that would further the social associations necessary for individual fulfillment. In the late 1880’s it all started with the Howard’s “alluring dream of co-operative commonwealth that would end social discord”. With the inspiration he gained from the Edward Bellamy’s Looking...
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