Ebd Case Study

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  • Published : October 30, 2011
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The case study that I have chosen is Amber, who is currently 10 years old in the 4th grade and has recently been diagnosed with Emotional Behavioral Disorder (EBD). The two deficit areas that I have chosen are her behavior/aggression and her reading comprehension. Due to the multiple changes in her living environment, I believe that Amber may be feeling inadequate about herself due to rejection throughout her lifetime. At a very early age, Amber unfortunately adapted to an environment of mistrust regarding her mother, who was inconsistent, emotionally abusive and unavailable, and showed rejection towards Amber. Even though she was removed from this environment at 4 months of age, I believe that Amber developed a belief that the world around her is inconsistent and uncontrollable and that she subconsciously has carried this feeling or belief with her into her early childhood. When Amber was placed in another home for the 3rd time, I believe that her subconscious feelings of mistrust and rejection were further aggravated, which could cause more significant problems in the future if not confronted immediately. In order to control her aggressive behavior, I believe Amber should be placed on a behavioral modification plan. This plan should first identify the causes for Amber's aggressive behavior such as possible settings, personal fears (i.e. teasing, being left alone, too much attention, etc), and other possible stimuli that may cause her to act aggressively. Once as many causes of her aggression can be identified as possible, Amber's teachers can use this to their advantage in order to help her successfully manage her behavior. Some examples of possible aggression modification would be: 1)Allowing Amber to, when possible, have a choice in the setting for different activities throughout the school day. Although I believe it is important for Amber to have as much peer interaction as possible, it may be reasonable to start small and restructure her outlook on peer...
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