Topics: Electronic commerce, Online shopping, Amazon.com Pages: 2 (745 words) Published: January 15, 2013
Basically if look into another online retailer such as Amazon, it also the electronic commerce and the world largest online retailer web store that could be beat with eBay. First of all, Amazon started as an online bookstore but soon expand to other field such as selling DVDs, CDs, video games, electronic products, food, clothing and toys. Amazon makes profit through the website when single item is being sold. Amazon also provides companies to advertise their product as well as paying the listed products. It multi-trading strategy is tend to make consumer becoming more updated and convenience their trading time by using non-traditional way. Moreover, both Amazon and eBay have their own online platform to sell product. In fact, eBay offers buyers to look for a bargain whereas Amazon is totally pro-buyers and majority of the price is fixed. Besides, although eBay is not considered as business friendly type but it stills the most shoppers favorable online web store. There are certain products may sell cheaper on Amazon meanwhile certain others will perform well on eBay. Undeniable that both web store are the main competitor with each other. Additionally, if look into both webpage, eBay web store is focusing in provides interaction between sellers and buyers. eBay buyers are possible bargain the price with the sellers before the transaction being made. For Amazon, there is very little interaction. Amazon somehow confuses the customers. This is because Amazon is the number one retailer for book but always added many other product categories to the business. It may causes customers confusing in differentiate the brand, in another word saying that endanger its name as well. If compare the return policy of both website, eBay web store are slightly different with Amazon. eBay seller can only exposes their dissatisfied through negative feedback whereas Amazon buyers could be received full refund if the product sold does not accord to what they are be written...
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