Ebay Case Study

Topics: Strategic management, EBay, Auction Pages: 3 (797 words) Published: February 28, 2011
Strategic Management
EBay Case Study

1. A). EBay’s greatest opportunities are:
a. Long auction time-10 to 15days is too long for customers to wait b. Localizing their website all over the world
c. Acquiring Skype and they have begun to integrate buyers and sellers d. Mobile phones, social media trends, will help them try to keep up with Amazon B). EBay’s greatest threats are:

a. Constant Hacking and Fraud transaction
b. Copyright problems-companies may sue for selling their contents c. Amazon is the main competitor, Google and Yahoo are not far behind d. Globally, will face local competition
e. Phishing and scams that ask for EBay accounts
2. A). EBay’s greatest strengths are:
e. Largest online auction website in the world
f. Uses customer relationship management to be able to collect data and gain vital information for reports and statistics. g. Greatly uses customer to customer relationship for buyers and sellers h. Diversifying their products and markets to cater to buyers and sellers i. Staying ahead of competition by acquisitions such as PayPal B). EBay’s greatest weaknesses are:

a. Cannot stop illegal/fake auctions
b. Sellers can enforce payment methods of their choice
c. Shipping charges are not included in the final price of the auction d. Contents can be copyrighted or stolen, hard for EBay to check authenticity

3. No, I do not believe that their stated purpose of believing that people are basically good is adequate enough for EBay to face the challenges they face. Most people may be good, but with the problems they are facing with fraud and illegal auctions, they are potentially hurting themselves by not seeing the reality of the situation. 4. I think it is a good idea for eBay to switch from its core users and competencies to a point. They still need to remember where their market was first, however, they need to keep up with the growing...
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