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Group Case Analysis: Modernization of NTUC Income
Answer 1
Income was traditionally paper-based and this resulted in tedious efforts and consumption of time therefore they installed the HP 3000 mainframe. However, it suffered the following problems i. The installed HP3000 mainframe constantly experienced breakdowns. ii. Recovery data become a problem because restoration only allowed back up until the previous day alone. iii. Loss of opportunity for cross-product sales due to its inability to relate information in real-time. iv. Agents using notebooks were unable to access information due the incompatibility of the HP3000 mainframe. The new digital system eBao Life System solved the above problems efficiently. The installation of more than two servers created a load balance and solved the problem of frequent breakdowns. The new system provided a method by which all documents were scanned and stored on a trusted device. This, together with the robust architecture of the system solved the recovery issue. In addition, as a result of the hi-tech upgrade all the staff, agent and advisors were able to access any information, anytime from anywhere. This contributed to higher cross-product sales. Answer 2

Before migrating to the fully digital system it seemed to have used the Transaction Processing System. This is so because it appeared to have been dealing with simple business processes such as receiving forms, filing them, submitting to others branches. This is a record keeping of daily activities and therefore it seems that they were using the Transaction Processing System. Answer 3

The new improved information system of Income was a Java based eBao LifeSystem. This included installation of several servers and a robust architecture. Income revamped its business continuity and disaster-recovery plan. A real time back-up recovery centre was put in place. The data was available to any staff, employee, and agent at anytime from any...
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