Eating That Frog Chapter 1-5

Topics: Time management, Procrastination, Completeness Pages: 2 (609 words) Published: January 18, 2013
Dhavyd Esson
January 13, 2013
BA 460: Tracy Frog
Week 2 Chapters 1-5

“Eating that frog” is one of the most important ideas that is mentioned in the book. People procrastinate every day and have a different reason why they can’t do that one thing today. Brian Tracy puts it into perspective and list ways to get over procrastination. It’s explained in the first chapter why people procrastinate: vagueness, confusion, and fuzzy-mindedness about what they are trying to accomplish and in what order they should go about tackling it. People need to make list of what they need to accomplish for the day. It could be each night planning for the next day or early in the morning planning for the day ahead of you. Either option is a start. By writing down your list of things to do, you’re able to see your objectives on a tangible form and not a wish or dream that’s intangible. The concept of taking on the biggest and ugliest task you have to complete is the best way to go about it. When you take on smaller tasks that may be easier but less important, you get tired out and keep procrastinating the harder task that never gets tackled. By doing that one first, you’re more energetic for the task and are more willing to get it accomplished so you can get to the easier tasks. It’s all in your mind and how you think about the tasks’. When coming up with goals, make sure to think of short and long term goals. Make a list for things that can be accomplished by the end of the day and a list of things for the week. Having a list of things that may take a little time is great but they need a deadline to require your urgency to the matter of completing them. With the six P’s your able to get two hours more each day? Having Proper Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance is very true. Taking a day and making a list of what needs to be accomplished allows you time to think about how to solve the issue and solve it effectively. Your more prepared for the task and are able to use your...
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