Eating Out vs. Eating in

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Is it easier to eat out or eat in? Now in the 21st century, people all around the world are busy. Most are busy with work, school, sports, and other extra-curricular activities. And along with being so busy, no one ever has time to cook. Therefore families are always going out to eat. However after awhile, eating out everyday can be very expensive. And as I have experienced, dining out is not the same as enjoying a nice home-cooked meal. They both are good options but they compare and differ when it comes to the quality and variety of food and the atmosphere. My belief is that it depends a lot on how much you earn, how much time you have on your hands, and where you live.


How much you earn has a great deal to do with whether you choose to eat out or eat in. Eating out may not be a problem for you if you make a lot of money. Let’s say you make $15 an hour, $20 or $30. You eat out twice a week, which the cost can range from $20-60. You just spent $20 on a meal that you finished in 30 minutes or less and it took you 60 minutes or more to earn that? Personally I just don’t see the value in that.

The amount of time that you have also affects the choice of eating out or eating in. A main drive behind the trend to dine out is time. After all, it has been said that time is money. At home you can actually sit down, and accordingly plan a well-detailed meal. It also doesn’t take that much time to actually plan a meal. By taking the time out to plan your meal, your food can be just as good as anything made at any restaurant. Depending on where you go, it could take a long time to receive your meal as well. So you will just be sitting there for thirty minutes getting full off of drinks. Usually at restaurants, customers don’t get their moneys worth, for example a person can go to the most expensive restaurant, pay $20 for a meal, and when you get it in front of you, its barely enough to get you...
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