Eating Home or Eating Out

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Eating at home or eating out

To human, eating now is not only an action to survive. But it has also become one kind of culture. People now are not only care of what or how they eat. But where they eat is also important. Nowadays, people are too busy with school and work. So, most of the people think that it is more comfortable to eating out than eating at home. But in my point of view, I’d still prefer eating at home than eating out.

First, your family know what you eat. I meant that if you have allergy with something or you can’t eat specific thing like spicy, your family know that and they can put that out in your dish. But if you’re in a restaurant even if you told the waiter to put out, most of them usually don’t listen to what you say. So when the dish come out and you can’t eat it, it will be a waste of money.

Second, the food at home is much cheaper than the food at the restaurant. For example, if you eat a bowl of Pho at a restaurant, it will cost about 30000 dong at least. But if you buy the ingredients and make it your own it will be way more cheaper about 10000 dong. The reason of this is because the restaurant has to pay extra fees like the worker’s salary, restaurant’s renting, etc. And because they have to cut down the fee to make more profit so the food might no be as healthy as the food you make at home A survey in US show that a family can save up to 2000 dollars a year by reducing the times of eating at a restaurant. And helping your mom with the food is also fun thing to do.

Third, that your family knows your taste. Somebody like to eat fried egg with onion, some like to eat with tomatoes. Because we’re family so our taste might be the same so your mom can easy know your taste. Furthermore, the one who cook a lot or a good cooker usually have a a secret cooking technique of their own that you can find no where else. Finally, eating at home can be a chance to enhance the family relationship. Life keeps getting busier so people don’t have...
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