Eating Healthy to Lose Weight

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  • Published : May 21, 2013
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Eating healthy

Rough Draft

Why exercising and eating healthy is a better choice than taking diet pills. In today’s society, diet pills are seaming to be an easy way out to weight loss. In America, more than half the population is obese. With weight on the rise, people are looking for a quick and easy fix, which is not always the best choice. Eating healthy and exercising should be the first choice, because of all the benefits that comes from it tone muscles and regulating your heart rate. Also exercising helps a person breath more efficient. Exercising is a better choice for your body, because it helps you build up the endurance for longer distances. Makes you feel better in ways of energy and it also helps a person rest better after a powerful workout. Exercising, you release stress that someone may have from some situation, releasing the stress would also help you function better throughout the day. With a person exercising, they can keep health organs, excellent blood flow not blockages in your vessels. Eating healthy, this also helps you to lower your cholesterol, and lower the chemicals that is in your body. Also it do not harm any of the organs in your body, healthy eat is good for bodily function and healthy skin. Although taking diet pill you do not have to put in much effort to loss the weight and it is pain free. Taking diet pills, this is always the easier approach of losing weight that a person does not want on them. You will also see that you will have more time to yourself to do something that you like. With diet pills, you will also see a very fast result within three weeks of taking them. With diet pill the person will become additive, to the pills because of what the pill have in them and make you feel. There are also major side effect that harms the organs, starting with the heart and kidneys these are just a start of what damage can happen. Also they could cause bodily harm abusing diet pills; this is where some people have...
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