Eating Healthy and Its Affect on People with Diabetes

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  • Published : July 27, 2008
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Eating Healthy and Diabetes

Imagine a time when being thin was not a race and eating a healthy diet was something that we all did as a habit. American’s have gotten so caught up in looking the way the models in Hollywood look that we have developed horrible eating habits. The fact that we eat most of time out of stress is proof enough that we are trying to bear too much weight on their shoulders. When applying a healthy diet and regular exercise, a person with diabetes can greatly reduce the long term health issues that are common with the disease.

Eating healthy greatly decreases the risk of developing life threatening conditions. When we eat a high fat diet the fat that we take in can cause such conditions like heart disease, colon cancer, heart attacks and even strokes. The high fat diets cause the visceral fat to build up in our body and that type of fat is like a toxin to our vital organs. Eating diets that include foods that have a fat content of 7g or more is unhealthy. These foods include, fried food, food high in sugar, canned vegetables, and foods that are cooked in butter and salt. The United States is the leading country for obesity. We have the highest rate of colorectal cancer in the world; colorectal cancer is the fourth most common form of cancer in men and women. This type of cancer is more common in people over the age of fifty, and you can get this type of cancer by eating a high fat

Eating Healthy and Diabetes
diet, and family history. (Mediline Plus – updated June 12, 2008, www. It is so important for us to devise a plan to greatly change the way we eat and what we feed our children. Being overweight greatly increases the chance for a person to develop diabetes later in life. Physicians are diagnosing diabetes at an alarming rate, and ironically enough those same people are clinically overweight. 20.8 million People in the US have Diabetes that is 7% of our population. 14.6 million Have been diagnosed by a physician. 176,000 people under the age of 20 have diabetes. Some of this is inherited, and the majority unfortunately is because of obesity. In 2002 Diabetes was listed as the #6 cause of death, heart disease is the #1 cause of death with people with diabetes. (National Diabetes information Clearinghouse, NIH Publication 06-3982, November 2005. www. If we scaled down our calories and lost just 10% of our body weight we would greatly reduced the outcome of our overall health. 10% of our body weight is essentially 35,000 calories, when thinking about eating fast food the average hamburger from McDonalds has 600 calories, and a large French fry has 580 calories and when you add a medium coke you have a meal that has 1460 calories. You only have to eat this meal 25 times to gain 10% of body weight.

Eating Healthy and Diabetes
Now, by cutting out those kinds of meals when you figure most people eat this kind of food daily, you could drop 10% really easily. It is all about watching what you eat, and drinking lots of water. ( By combining regular exercise and a low fat diet we can strengthen not only our physical body but our mind as well. Regular exercise opens up the blood vessels and stimulates the nerve ending in the body. Americans today do not look to daily exercise regime to make themselves feel better. Only a mere 54% of Americans that exercised daily say that they actually felt better. (Webmd, Jan 2008, www.webmd/excercise/html) By taking the time out to strengthen your mind and body you can lengthen your life span by 3 years. By stimulating the mind and allowing the brain to breathe, adrenaline is rushed through the body which allows for a sort of euphoric state. Only 30% of Americans are getting the recommended 30 minutes of exercise that is needed. The onset of people sitting in...
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