Eating Healthy

Topics: Nutrition, Atherosclerosis, Trans fat Pages: 6 (2524 words) Published: April 10, 2013
Watch What You Eat
Most everyone in the world has busy lifestyles. They go to work all day, bring work home, are busy with kids, school, homework, sports. There are just simply not enough hours in the day to get everything done. Sitting down and having a homemade meal is very rare because often, there is no time to make it and to sit down and eat it. Restaurants and particularly fast food restaurants have become a life saver for a lot of people. Could this be the cause of why obesity rates in children have more than tripled sense 1970? (Gottesman) And are these fast food restaurants cooking with ingredients that can cause health problems down the road? It seems that putting people’s health at risk is not worth it for restaurants to compromise what they are cooking with in order to increase their income and the amount of products they are producing every day. Many people do not know the ingredients that are in what they are feeding themselves and their children when they are going to a fast food restaurant. The term “fast food” is not just the things we get from “fast food restaurants,” like McDonalds, KFC, Taco Bell, and Wendy’s, but it is also the quick snacks that most people have lying around their house, such as: soft drinks, chips, popcorn, cookies, and candy (Stauffer). The ingredients that are very harmful to people’s health are found in a majority of the things that people eat on a day to day basis. Reducing the amount of Tran’s fats, cholesterol, and acrylamide people consume will help decrease the amount of health problems now and in the future, and allow people to continue to do daily activities with ease. When looking at a food label there are certain things that people look at, such as: calories, fats, carbohydrates, sugar, and sodium. While those are beneficial to look at for dietary reasons, there are other ingredients in a lot of food that we eat that can be much more harmful to our health then eating a few too many calories. A researcher and writer by the name of John E. Stauffer wrote an article called, “Fast Food” that addresses what things should be avoided when trying to eat healthy and what ingredients can cause health problems. Avoiding fats is most beneficial from a dietary and health perspective. From eating one gram of fat you are consuming nine calories, from one gram of carbohydrates you consume four calories, and from one gram of protein you consume six calories. Looking at those numbers, decreasing the amount of fats that people consume will help people with their dietary goals, but will also help with people’s health. A nutritionist wrote an article called “Trans Australia” that addresses how dangerous and unhealthy trans fats are for people. Sixty to seventy years ago partially hydrogenated oils, also known as trans fats, started to be used across the U.S (Stauffer). At that time, saturated fats were considered to be more “harmful” fats, as they were making people’s cholesterol rise. These trans fats substitute were soon found to be more dangerous for people’s health than saturated fats, and while these saturated fats were still not good for people, gram for gram trans fats increased health risks. Not only did these trans fats increase people’s cholesterol like the saturated fats did, but also induced cancer and increased the risk of coronary heart disease (Trans). Trans fats are found in high levels in the fast foods that we eat, as these partially hydrogenated oils are the main components of margarines, shortenings, frying fats, fillings, and toppings (Stauffer). “These trans fats are formed in the process of refining polyunsaturated oils, and the benefit of using these trans fats to fast food companies is that is slows the process of oxidation that can cause the oil to go rancid”(Trans). But with the advances in food technology there are ways to cook without depending on hydrogenation giving fast foods no reason to continue to use trans fats (Trans). Fast foods get away with putting...
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