Eating Disorders

Topics: Mental disorder, Nutrition, Psychiatry Pages: 3 (866 words) Published: March 28, 2013
English 201A
17 September 2012
Annotated Bibliography on Eating Disorders
Champion, Helen and Adrian Furnham. “The Effect of the Media on Body Satisfaction Adolescent Girls.” European Eating Disorders Review 7.3(Jun 1999):213-28. Academic Search Premier. Web. 10 Sept 2012. In this particular piece of article its purpose suggests that the influence of media, in constantly identifying thin, stereotypically attractive bodies, provokes a sensation of body dissatisfaction and consequently is somewhat responsible for the increase in eating disorders among young women. A recent study by Ogden and Mundray (1996) suggests that in presenting images of thin attractive individuals’ increases the body dissatisfaction. While in presenting images of larger overweight individuals somehow gives an alleviating effect. The study attempted to investigate this effect in adolescent girls. The results were not as expected and failed to support the experimental assumption. However possible reasons for this are addressed. It is suggested that the media's influence on individuals' self-evaluations may be more difficult than Ogden and Mundray's results imply in their observations. Fursland, Athea, Sharon Byrne, Hunna Watson, Michelle La Puma, Karina Allen, and Susan Byrne. “Enhanced Cognitive Behavior Therapy: A Single Treatment for All Eating Disorders.” Journal of Counseling & Development 90.3(Jul2012):319-29. Academic Search Premier. Web. 10 Sept 2012.

In this particular piece it addresses eating disorders as a serious mental illness that is affecting a wide number of women and a small portion of men. This piece suggests all counseling expertise should have knowledge of eating disorder and treatment possibilities. This also goes on explaining how the stage of the treatment therapy unfolds and develops into a helpful stage for the victim with an eating disorder. Guavin,lise and Howard Steiger. “Overcoming the Unhealthy Pursuit of Thinness: Reaction to the Quebec...
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